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Multi-Heart Garland

Hey everyone! So today I decided to try my hand at making the Multi-Heart Garland. I first saw this design on Pinterest, which linked back to this Etsy page: Breakfast at Tiffany's Garland  Check it out, or try making it yourself!  First you need to find some paper that appeals to you, or matches your theme. These are great because you can make them for any holiday, or event!  Then you'll need to cut the paper into small strips. I cut mine into 1 1/4 inch strips.  Also, you may want to use double sided paper, this paper was single sided so I glued different strips together to make them appear double sided.  If the edges don't exactly match up, just trim of the excess. You'll need nine double sided strips for each heart.  Once you have all nine of them, line them up with the center one lower than the other eight. Line up the top part of the heart together and staple twice, one on each side of the ends. This will be

The Beginning...

And so it begins..  I guess this is as good a place to start as any. My name is Debbie.  When so many of the kids I grew up with had mothers named Debbie.. I had the somewhat old fashioned name Debbie. Well, guess what. So did MY mother.. yep, you guessed it. She named me after herself. I have often wondered what difference it would have made had I been named something else. A "Crystal" perhaps.. or maybe "Rebecca" I know at least one of those was a name my mother had pondered for my brother. Crystal Leanne. Can you imagine? ha. I can't.  I tried to "re-imagine" my name if you will, changing it to Debi, and Debby, neither of which seemed to fit me. That all stopped before I even reached double digits.. just seemed silly. I am Debbie.  I have often wondered where I would have gone in my life if I had chosen a different path.. chosen further education and a career. Rather than a life focused on a husband and family, which is what I had always wan