The Beginning...

And so it begins.. 

I guess this is as good a place to start as any. My name is Debbie. 

When so many of the kids I grew up with had mothers named Debbie.. I had the somewhat old fashioned name Debbie. Well, guess what. So did MY mother.. yep, you guessed it. She named me after herself. I have often wondered what difference it would have made had I been named something else. A "Crystal" perhaps.. or maybe "Rebecca" I know at least one of those was a name my mother had pondered for my brother. Crystal Leanne. Can you imagine? ha. I can't. 

I tried to "re-imagine" my name if you will, changing it to Debi, and Debby, neither of which seemed to fit me. That all stopped before I even reached double digits.. just seemed silly. I am Debbie. 

I have often wondered where I would have gone in my life if I had chosen a different path.. chosen further education and a career. Rather than a life focused on a husband and family, which is what I had always wanted. I think I chose well. There is that thought that lingers from time to time wondering if I could have made a huge difference to the world at large. I always maintained an interest in medicine, even now, interesting articles documenting new treatments and possible cures for different diseases that make peoples lives miserable, are fascinating to me. I wonder if I could have been involved in such a feat. 

My life makes me happy. Just the way it is. I have an amazing husband who loves me. Just the way I am. He thinks I'm amazing.. not really sure why, but he does. And I am ever grateful for his love and companionship. 

Together we have four beautiful children. Our oldest is Brenden, he's 13 and every bit a teenager. Or at least what teenagers seem to be.. I'm not sure, he's our guinea pig, for all intents and purposes. Haha Bright, funny, sincere, loving, if a bit scattered. I love him so much. Luke is next, he's 9 and a half now.. getting so big. Luke is my buddy.. he's always helpful, affectionate, adventurous, smart.. sometimes a little too smart for his own good. My little Petunia. 

The years after Luke came were difficult.. we always wanted to have four children, but it just wasn't happening. I had had my first miscarriage just six months before I became pregnant with Luke. And the second was seven months after he was born. Another happened in July a year and a half later. And another in the spring yet another year or so after that. The last one was in November 2009. Maybe I should have written down the dates.. maybe I should have. It hurt too much. I so badly wanted these babies.. pushing it to the back of my mind made it easier to deal with as time went by. 

In March of 2010 my mother talked to me about a supplement that was helping women who kept miscarrying their babies. It was progesterone, which as I found out later was something that helps make the pregnancy "stick" and stay there. This had been my issue. The stick would barely be turning pink and I'd lose them. So I tried it. Early May of 2010 I realized I was late. Sure enough I was pregnant again. I was happy.. but scared. I kept using the supplement... and our sweet baby GIRL Rachel was born in January of 2011! 

Apparently the progesterone worked really well.. four months after I had Rachel, I found out I was pregnant with another baby! Talk about being shocked. It was quite the challenge being pregnant again so quickly, and with an infant to care for, not to mention the boys. I had some complications with both of these pregnancies, but nothing that we couldn't handle. In January 2012 we added another girl to our family, Julia, and she made our family complete. 

They are all, all nine of them, Our Little Gifts From Heaven. I believe that it is our right, and responsibility to raise them and teach them in all things. And I know God will be there with us, keeping us safe, and showing us the path He has for us. 

My hope for this blog is to share my life, and my passions with other people. Make some friends and maybe inspire someone. I guess this is my attempt to make a difference beyond my front door. :) So thanks for visiting and check back soon! 

(My "passions" include, but are not limited to: scrapbooking, crafting, sewing, jewelry making, cooking, organizing, DIY, and many more.)


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