Multi-Heart Garland

Hey everyone!

So today I decided to try my hand at making the Multi-Heart Garland. I first saw this design on Pinterest, which linked back to this Etsy page: Breakfast at Tiffany's Garland Check it out, or try making it yourself! 

First you need to find some paper that appeals to you, or matches your theme. These are great because you can make them for any holiday, or event! 

Then you'll need to cut the paper into small strips. I cut mine into 1 1/4 inch strips. 

Also, you may want to use double sided paper, this paper was single sided so I glued different strips together to make them appear double sided. 

If the edges don't exactly match up, just trim of the excess.

You'll need nine double sided strips for each heart. 
Once you have all nine of them, line them up with the center one lower than the other eight. Line up the top part of the heart together and staple twice, one on each side of the ends. This will be in the middle of your heart. 

Next you will want to roll the first strip over, making the first heart half, then each one after that, making sure to keep the strips lined up, and the spaces equal. The outermost strip will give you a pretty good guide where the bottom of your heart is going to be. 

Once you have all the halves of the heart folded over, staple the end twice. 

Do the same for the other side: 

Once both sides are stapled, trim the ends off and trim the strip in the top middle, you want it about level with the tops of the heart, and punch a hole in the strip so you can hang the heart. 

Repeat these steps until you have at least five to seven hearts, or more! Go crazy! :D 

You'll also need some clear cord, I found mine in the beading section at my local Joann store.

Lay out your hearts in the order you want them in, and run the cord through the holes and make sure it's centered. 

Attach the cord to the tops of the heart with a small piece of clear tape to keep the hearts in line when it's hanging. 

Once they're all on there make loops at the end, tying them so you have a loop to hang your garland on. 

My completed heart garland: 

I really like how this came out, it's very cute, and didn't take long to make. 

If anyone has any questions for me, just post them in the comments below!

Thanks for looking.



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